Amanda Clapper

Position: Broker Associate, Property Manager

Although she’s only been with Mitchell Platte since 2018, there is no shortage of experience that Amanda brings to the table. With over 18 years of experience in real estate, specifically property management, Amanda will make sure she goes to bat for you and hit for the fences. If you’re a homeowner looking to rent your house, she’ll make sure you’re free of late night phone calls, collecting rent, and no more worries about finding good tenants to rent your home! As an Aussie, she’d tell you she’ll do all the “hard yakka” so you don’t have to!

She’s always looking for ways to help people become a success story, and she’ll also tell you when you invest your time to work with her, you’re investing in your future.

Outside of work, Amanda enjoys spending time with her family and spiffing up her house with a little touch up here, touch up there, and viola, total transformation. We think you’d enjoy her fun and charming personality as well!