Art Souvannamacho

Position: Owner, Managing Broker

A U.S. Army Veteran, Art proudly served this country and with a new found love and passion for the real estate profession, have been proud to serve many happy clients, helping them find, sell and rent in beautiful Colorado for past 20 years. Although, technically, not a native of Colorado, this is home for Art, growing up here and going to school from grade school until his graduation from the University of Colorado with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. Art made his niche in real estate because of his fantastic negotiation skills and desire to help people, and he’s never looked back. In fact, he has the vision to keep going as far as can go now that he’s founded Mitchell Platte, with his partner and wife Natalie. Being a family man, Art loves the fact that he gets to hustle and build the company with his wife. He extends that family atmosphere with the agents he’s brought on board. It is truly a “family” business.

Aside from his regular, everyday hustle and bustle, Art enjoys staying active, with the likes of camping and playing tennis. And when all the craziness of the day winds down, he enjoys keeping his mind fresh with reading at his bedside, or when he’s traveling. Yes, Art loves to travel!