Natalie Souvannamacho

Position: Owner

“Big hair, don’t care!” How can you not love someone with that kind of attitude? That’s what you get with Natalie. That’s how she runs her business. She represents her clients well and stands up for them when things get tough. Natalie does business the same way she treats friends and family, with respect, honesty, and integrity. When you visit Mitchell Platte’s office, you’ll notice how fun and energetic the staff and atmosphere is, thanks to Natalie. She gives off that aura, the positive vibes, that makes everyone get up every morning and excited to come to work. Need a little pick me up? No worries, Natalie makes sure there’s plenty of coffee to keep everyone fresh!

She’s a do-it-all, go-get-em go-getter! And that’s just talking about how she handles her kids (and husband!). No matter how busy running a business can be, there’s never a time that she doesn’t make for them. She’ll make time for you as well! “It’s a big hair thing!”