Rothie You-Uch

Position: Showing Assistant

Getting out of your comfort zone. Taking a chance. Hustling hard. Staying humble. If you do that, you end up with Mitchell Platte! That’s exactly what Rothie, a.k.a. Theo, did in 2016 when he decided to venture out of his comfort zone in cool California and moved to beautiful Colorado. Under the guidance and mentorship of two very important people in his life (ahem, the founders of Mitchell Platte), Rothie found a new and now successful career in real estate. His success is starting to take off and it is attributed to his staying focused and hustling hard.

Recently becoming a homeowner in 2018, the experience and process of buying a house are fresh in his mind and he loves to share that experience with future homeowners. Buying a home is a major step and decision to make in life, and making major decisions in life is something Rothie has experienced. Quite frankly, he did well.