Sing Boutsady

Position: Broker Associate

“The heart of a lion” can have many meanings to it, but a couple of it stands out. One is being bold and brave. The other is to have pride in their loved ones, protecting and caring for them. If you’re wondering, the answer is yes, this has everything to do about Mr. Sing Boutsady. Born Mongkhol Boutsady, he was given the nickname Sing, and for very good reasons. Sing in Lao means lion and when you get the pleasure of meeting and knowing him, he does have the heart of a lion.

Although he got a late start with his real estate career, he’s picked up steam and loving what he’s doing. Most importantly, he’s not only found a career that he’s excited about but it is also one where he can provide for his loving and supportive family. It was a bold and brave decision for him to do something different in life and without knowing where it will take him. It took him here, as a Broker Associate with Mitchell Platte, among the most talented and caring team of associates. His future looks bright, but that comes easily with his true desire to help others. It can be a daunting experience for some when it comes to buying or selling homes. However, it should be a fun, memorable experience, and this lion will brave the “real estate” jungle for you to make sure you get the best home-buying/selling experience! Let the lion roar for you! And when it’s all said and done, maybe he’ll sing a song or two for you, no pun intended.